5 Reasons Why Exchange Students Cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend

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Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend waiting for you back home while you’re doing your exchange? They might come visit you for a week or two to make sure you don’t lose faith in your relationship. The truth is your still likely to cheat on them. Here’s why…

1. No one knows you here

The fact you are in a city where no one know you and you know you’ll never live here again changes things. You can do want ever you want. Build the worst reputation. You’ll never see these people again in your life.

exchange students cheating

2. Party, party, party

You probably experienced it or heard about it, exchange students party more then four days a week. Meeting all those new people all the time while being tipsy surely gives you some desire.

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3. The Time Constraint

You know your exchange won’t last long. It’s actually going to pass super fast. The fact you know all this will end soon is like if you knew you were dying soon. You better make the most of it.

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4. The Exchange Student Bubble

Exchange students live at 110km/h. Study, Party and Travel every week, spending money like they never did before. Living this unique lifestyle forces them to hangout together with other exchange students. Hanging out with the same hundreds of naughty Exchange Students every week surely increases the possibilities. excahnge students cheating2

5. To scratch down a few countries from your wish list

Everyone wishes to validate the rumors about certain nationalities. We all have this around the world ‘fuck list.’ Doing an exchange is surely the best opportunity to scratch a few countries from your list.

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