Coolest Street Art from Around the World

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Check out the Coolest Street Art from around the world!!

#1 Our Lady of Grace

In French, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borrows technique from urban graffiti but also the art nouveau style of Czech painter Alphonse Mucha. The project was sponsored by the city of Montreal to turn the side of a boring building into an incredible work of art.

#2 “When I Grow up I want to be a Kid”

Also created by A’Shop, a popular mural collective from Montreal, this mural captures the wonder and imagination of childhood most adults seek in their daily lives, especially through pursuit of art.

#3 Through the Eye of a Needle

This mural from 2013 is the work of Omen, an aerosol painter who also runs a gallery. Since the late 1990s Omen has been blurring the line between murals and street art.

#4 A’Shop

This creation was produced by an artist collective that’s been together for over 25 years. They share beginnings in graffiti culture and produce large-scale murals, live performances, paintings and customized design for individual and commercial clients.

#5 Chrisitina Evangelina

Hailing from Venice, California, this artist is known for not only her painting but her street photography, production and gallery work. Her work focuses on pinpointing all the moments that define a lifetime and assemble them all into one massive piece.


Created by a Montreal-based, multi-artist collaboration, it’s one of many works that draw inspiration from many individuals who take part. Their projects tend to be large-scale and spontaneous drawings in one color scale. The group explores how collaboration creates works that are greater than anyone could make alone.

#7 Old Brewery Mission

This building is one of the largest homeless shelters in Canada and the largest women’s shelter. The full mural is huge, with details like metro cars and shown in this shot, tribal art.

#8 Underpass Illusion

Created in New York during the Summer of 2012, this larger-than-life painting spans the entire underbelly of an underpass, surrounding drivers and pedestrians with huge realistic yet abstract designs. The persons standing against the walls for reference makes you realize just how enormous the work is.

#9 Le Bonnard

A member of the En Masse collective, this artist has made a name for himself through short films with time lapse recordings of his works. In June of 2014 he will create the biggest mural of his career at the Montreal Mural Festival.

#10 Queen of the Colors, A’Shop

Done by members Fluke, Lacey and Layla.


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