Places On Earth That Could Have Been Made By Aliens

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Check these Places On Earth That Could Have Been Made By Aliens!

  1. The Artist’s Palette

Looking at this alienesque landscape, it isn’t hard to see why these hot springs in New Zealand’s Taupo Volcanic Zone have the nickname, “Artist’s Palette.”

2. Door to Hell

In the Karakum Desert of Darweze, this fiery “Door to Hell” exists – could it be the work of Aliens? According to scientists, this endlessly burning pit of fire formed after Soviet scientists tried to burn away the pit’s hazardous gases.

3. Calcite Pools

These stunning, layered pools are located in Huanglong, China. Scientists believe they were formed from calcite deposits, however many believe aliens are their true makers.

4. The Great Blue Hole

Could it be a large alien eye? This giant sinkhole is located in the waters off Belize and in 1997 it became a World Heritage site.

5. The River of Five Colors 

The red plant known as the Macarenia Clavigera gives this river in Colombia it’s unique color. This river is also known as “the liquid rainbow.”

6. World’s Largest Salt Flat

These crazy alienesque formations are actually part of the world’s largest salt flat, which is located in southwest Bolivia.

7. Valley of the Moon

 The Valley of the Moon, located in Brazil, is one of the oldest places on Earth! According to NASA, it is the most luminous point visible on Earth because of the reflection between the sun and the numerous quartz crystal in the region.

8. Ancient Underwater Pyramid

This pyramid-like structure is one of many stone structures found below the water’s surface off Yonaguni Jima. They are believed to be the ruins of an ancient city sunk by an earthquake about 2,000 years ago.

9. The Stone Forest

This creepy forest is located in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province and it is often referred to as “the first wonder of the world.”

10. The Sailing Stones

Located in Death Valley California, these large rocks have mysterious trails left behind them. Despite these ever-growing trails, no one has actually ever seen the stones move.


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